Town of Holden Beach

 North Carolina

The Family Beach



Safety Tips & Information

While the Police Department prides itself in maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment, we encourage you to remember to lock all doors and windows.  Many would-be thieves will move past a locked residence or car, taking advantageous opportunity of unlocked and unsecured items.  If you see a suspicious person walking around houses or vehicles, call 9-1-1 immediately to report the suspicious activity.

Lost / Found Property:  Lost and found items can be turned into or collected from the Police Department.  Common items turned in include cell phones, wallets, purses, keys and jewelry.  If you have lost anything, please contact the Police Department as we may have your property in safe keeping for you.

Sidewalks:  The Town has provided sidewalks along the entire length of Ocean Boulevard  For your safety, it is requested that anyone walking, jogging, running or cycling use the sidewalk and stay off of Ocean Boulevard.  This allows for more efficient traffic flow and safety for all.

Aquatic Life:  If you are subjected to the unfortunate event of being stung by a jellyfish or stingray, please call 9-1-1.  DO NOT treat this yourself with home remedies.  Some of these methods are very outdated and have proven to be potentially harmful.  Our local first responders and emergency medical personnel are trained with the most current treatment methods and will respond promptly.

Miscellaneous Information:

Open fires and fireworks of any kind are prohibited. 

Fishing in all coastal waters requires a State issued license.

Digging large holes on the beach strand is prohibited by ordinance.  No holes greater than 12” deep may be left unattended.

All tents, umbrellas, volleyball nets, etc. shall not be left overnight.  These items along with large holes in the sand create an unnecessary risk for walkers and emergency responders at night.